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Lisanne Markowitz, Founder
I’ve been facilitating the intricacies of human relationships all my life.
I’m often told that I have a rare talent to create an immediate rapport with people. I pride myself on this ability. I believe that it started out as an innate childhood skill, a natural inclination I was born with — that was burnished and honed over the years through personal and professional experiences.

Recruiting presents a perfect storm of my passions and capabilities.
I established my consulting business after many years as a successful agency recruiter in fashion and home furnishings. I wanted to leverage a differentiating skill set in the field: a background in organizational development, communications, and as a university-level educator in conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation. I have a Master’s degree in Speech Communication from Emerson College, an advanced degree in Facilitation from Johns Hopkins University, and a Bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University.

I believe that recruiting can be compassionate and humanistic.
This is directly informed by my personal experience as a mom who navigated and advocated for better education and life solutions for twin sons, who were diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum 12 years ago at age 5. I have seen struggle and strife shape determination and authenticity. This personal journey is entwined in my professional one —helping others move forward is motivating, satisfying and brings me tremendous joy.