How We Approach the Work We Do

Being clear about what constitutes success, drives success.
Every one of our engagements begins with a crisp understanding and definition of what success will look like — for our clients, our candidates, and also for ourselves.

Through a disciplined approach and a driving work ethic, we bring forth exceptional talent that can create positive impact for our clients’ businesses. That’s the essence of Search with Substance — our clients continue to prosper and grow while our candidates explore fulfilling, life-changing opportunities that change the trajectories of their careers. And we have the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve moved the needle for both of them.

One size most definitely does not fit all.
Companies and their cultures are complex and idiosyncratic ecosystems — the considerations surrounding every search are different. Understanding what drives the “must haves” — for both clients and candidates — is the key to spearheading a high-value search.

We work as a close extension of the client team to understand what and who they’re looking for, the interrelationships between job roles and functions, and the internal dynamics underfoot. And we work just as closely with candidates — focusing on their track record of skills and successes, who they are, what they want, and where and how they’ll thrive.

The “art” of recruiting extends well beyond making the “match.”
Successful talent acquisition is something that takes root. It should be measured over time —and evaluated by the quality of the fit and how the relationships in play evolve on an ongoing basis.